I will admit I haven't been on livejournal for a long time. I think I might just have to change that and start using this space again! Lots happening!
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Goodreads chat - 30th March

Thank you to the lovely readers who have already visited the Goodreads Book of the Month chat and commented on the questions! I'll be there to answers question and generally chat about A Note in the Margin 30th March, 6pm to 9pm EST (USA).

The questions are just a guide - feel free to ask others or even to say hi!

Don't forget you can still get 20% off all my novels/novellas at Dreamspinnerpress if you use the code GR

Looking forward to chatting!

Book of the month chat!

First of all I need to apologise for disappearing for a while, but I recently had a couple of operations for skin cancer. Those who have met me will know I'm not a sun worshipper!! My nose is a recovering well although the surgeon has suggested another operation later. But fingers crossed that be it.

For those of you who have been on Goodreads lately you may have seen this in the Dreamspinner Group:

A Note in the Margin by Isabelle Rowan was selected as the novel for discussion for March! Use the code March GR at checkout to get 20% off this and all of Isabelle's other titles for the month of March. Discussion questions and dates for Isabelle's visit with us will be posted soon!

I am really excited that Margins is the first book to be discussed and hope you can take advantage of the 20% discount to catch up on that or any other of my titles at Dreamspinner.

At the end of the month I will be hosting a book club style chat where I get to answer any questions you might have about A Note in the Margin, its characters and maybe even sequels (yes sequels)? There are already some discussion questions on the site, but the chat is not limited to them. Watch this space and i will post when it is very soon!

Happy reading!

Guest blog at Clare's journal.

January 26th is Australia - Many people have mixed feeling about celebrating this day and some view it as 'invasion day'. I have chosen to use the day to think about what this country means to me as a one of the 10 pound tourists of the 1960s and how it has become home.

The wonderful clarelondon has given me the opportunity to post my musing on her journal and even share a couple of old photos! Please head over there and have a giggle at the little Izzy! Also if you share my experience of having your heart in different countries or states, or even just want to comment on your own take on 'belonging' I would love to read it!

Izzy's Australia Day blog

My new booky!

Finally! Yes, I have managed to finish and release another one!

My new novel Ink is now available at Dreamspinnerpress or Amazon!

I plan to run a few competitions and giveaways very soon so watch this space!

In the mean time, here is the beautiful cover art by the very talented Anne Cain - I am still stunned that she did the cover. I did a major snoopy dance when I saw it.

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Halloween Howl!

Halloween Howl from Dreamspinner Press

To celebrate Halloween, Dreamspinner is inviting people to come trick-or-treating at our web site. Thirty-one of our fantastic authors have donated free short stories. Search through the different pages on the web site for Gary the gargoyle. Each time you find him, click on him for a free download by the author whose page he's hiding on! And make sure to check out the end of each story for a discount code good any time in the next year.

YES I have a story there this month and it's Vampire one! :D

USA! I'm here!

Arrived in California today with my friend Jac to a beautiful day! It was a long haul fight, but we still managed to do a heap of shopping in Santa Monica before a 2 hr cap nap. Awake now and ready to sample the night life here. Can't wait to meet up with friends and fellow DPS authors in New Orleans and San Fran!!

*snoopy dance*
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Travel and meet ups!

I have my leave from work approved, my ticket bought and my registration confirmed for two events coming up very soon!

First up is the GayRomLit where I am leading a Ghost and Vampire Tour and then Yaoi-Con! More than a little nervous of being a guest author, but I cannot wait to meet so many of my friends and make new ones too!

Should have the cover art for 'Ink' soonish, but in the mean time I have had some character sheets drawn for the main characters that will eventually be made into trading cards. It's been really interesting seeing someone else's take on the men who have been in my head for so long. I know some of you might remember the short story 'Ink' - well the novel has a whole new character and I can't wait for you to meet him!

I have another Vampire short that will be making an appearance soon and am working on a new novella.

My new book!

I've signed the contract for a novel length version of my short story 'Ink: The Tale of a Vampire in Melbourne'.

I can't wait to see what Dreamspinner Press come up with for the cover art! As soon as i get it I'll post it here!

Of floods and things

It has been too long since I updated! The reasons are numerous - first of all I was knocked flat by a kidney infection. I am used to getting them, but this one was a shocker and meant a bit of time off work. Another reason that hurt even more was the floods in Victoria. My home was safe and dry, but work was another story. 65% of my school was damaged so that 4 weeks into the new school year and we have only just got all the students back.

Some classrooms are still out of action.

Now... that wasn't bad enough, but guess what I had in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet?

Laptop? Yep - but it survived.

Notebook with my writing update? Yep - did not survive. A mess of soggy paper. I lost all but the next chapter of my Margins based fic and quite a few chapters of 2 other WIPs. However, if that is all i lost it is no big deal! The chapter I have will be posted very soon and hey, I start again on the others. I can do that!