isabelle_rowan (isabelle_rowan) wrote,

Of floods and things

It has been too long since I updated! The reasons are numerous - first of all I was knocked flat by a kidney infection. I am used to getting them, but this one was a shocker and meant a bit of time off work. Another reason that hurt even more was the floods in Victoria. My home was safe and dry, but work was another story. 65% of my school was damaged so that 4 weeks into the new school year and we have only just got all the students back.

Some classrooms are still out of action.

Now... that wasn't bad enough, but guess what I had in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet?

Laptop? Yep - but it survived.

Notebook with my writing update? Yep - did not survive. A mess of soggy paper. I lost all but the next chapter of my Margins based fic and quite a few chapters of 2 other WIPs. However, if that is all i lost it is no big deal! The chapter I have will be posted very soon and hey, I start again on the others. I can do that!
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