isabelle_rowan (isabelle_rowan) wrote,

Travel and meet ups!

I have my leave from work approved, my ticket bought and my registration confirmed for two events coming up very soon!

First up is the GayRomLit where I am leading a Ghost and Vampire Tour and then Yaoi-Con! More than a little nervous of being a guest author, but I cannot wait to meet so many of my friends and make new ones too!

Should have the cover art for 'Ink' soonish, but in the mean time I have had some character sheets drawn for the main characters that will eventually be made into trading cards. It's been really interesting seeing someone else's take on the men who have been in my head for so long. I know some of you might remember the short story 'Ink' - well the novel has a whole new character and I can't wait for you to meet him!

I have another Vampire short that will be making an appearance soon and am working on a new novella.
Tags: gayromlit, new_orleans, yaoi, yaoicon
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