Curious: A Woman's Introduction to Gay Romance

It has been so long since I posted here! I also realised I haven't even posted about my story in Dreamspinner Press's anthology 'Curious'. Can I just say the back of the cover is even prettier than the front! I hope you enjoy this little excerpt from 'Snowman' and might be tempted to read the whole thing.

Snowman by Isabelle Rowan

Everyone finds a way to run away: some do it in seclusion, others in the arms of lovers. Caleb lives a quiet life in the Australian high country with only his dog and horses for company until an unexpected snowstorm strands a lost tourist at his cabin. Paul’s vacation plans called for drinking, fucking, and actively avoiding all outdoor recreation, not solitary confinement with a reclusive mountain man. But the storm will force both to reassess their lives—if only until the roads are clear.


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REC awards and my scattered writing

Hi *waves*

Things are getting back on track now i have a new computer and i have a few things in the works ~ now I just need the discipline to settle on one; Jamie's story, a road trip, vikings, Ink novel...

Other news: The Romance Erotica Connection awards have been on and voting ends tomorrow I think. Dreamspinner Press have been nominated for quite a few awards and 'A Note in the Margin' got a nomination too! If you get a chance please drop by and cast a vote! It is at http://recconnection.webs.com/vote.htm

Back to writing... discipline discipline discipline! Yeah right!

Rainbow Awards - Phase 1 & 2 results

Phase 1 and 2 of The Rainbow Awards are done and I have to thank everyone who participated.

'A Note in the Margin' actually won the popularity section for debut fiction! I am still pretty stunned by that! I came runner up in the contemporary section which means an honorable mention and Margins goes through to the Jury phase.


The Rainbow Awards

Hi guys - here I go self pimping again - eep - but I have been lucky enough to be included in the nominations for The Rainbow Awards with 'A Note in the Margin'. I am in two categories:


2. New Author.

The first one is easy to vote in as it's just a standard poll, but in the new author section you actually have to leave a comment as I have been added after the poll was drawn up. Don't worry, you can vote anonymously :)

Thank you for your consideration!

Romance Junkies email!

First of all, thank you for the lovely feedback on The Graft! It is still available along with all the other wonderful stories in To Have and to Hold at Dreamspinner Press.

Now I had some amazing news! The great review site Romance Junkies contacted me with this news:

Dear Isabelle,

Congratulations! A NOTE IN THE MARGINS has been selected as a Blue Ribbon Favorite for 2009 by the reviewers at Romance Junkies!

The reviewers at Romance Junkies have been invited to submit their book recommendations for the year so far. As you can probably guess, our reviewers read a lot of books, and they have chosen yours as one of their favorites.

Congratulations once again, and thank you for writing such a wonderful book!

I starting to think I really do need to tackle Jamie's story now ;)

Reviews :D

Here are some of the reviews I've found for 'A Note in the Margin'. Yes I know I'm a bit slow in posting them *g*

Reviews by Jessewave ~ If you read nothing else this year, read A Note In The Margin. This story is like no other M/M romance I have ever read...

Elisa Rolle ~ A Note in the Margin is a romance, but it's above all a wonderful novel, and I'm even more glad to see for it a really nice cover that attracts people more than drive them away. And so friends, go and buy this novel and read it in the metro, on the plane, during your lunch break! I for sure love it (even if I'm still in tears...).

Manic Readers ~ Rowan is an incredibly talented writer and her book vaulted to my best book list easily. The genuine voice she offers when dealing with the complicated emotions and problems never allows this to be a simple romance. Yet the characters are lovely and will resonate easily within each reader, calling out experiences to both the shame and pride. This is not an easy book to read, but it shouldn’t be and is infinitely better for the honesty it offers. You’ll not want to put it down. Read more...

A more detailed review by the same reviewer can be found at 3 AM book reviews and the velvet rope overkill

Literary Nymphs Reviews ~ A Note in the Margin is one of those heart wrenching stories that will stay with the reader long after they finish.

Some Amazon Reviews:

Both John and David are wonderfully crafted. The book pulls at the reader with its emotion and it seems to be that this is a very original plotline for gay fiction. Read more...

Dreamspinner press has definitely spun a winner in A Note in the Margin Do not miss this beautiful story and I look forward to more from Isabelle Rowan! Read more...


It's out!

Dreamspinner Press has just released my first novel 'A Note in the Margin'!

It is available in both Paperback and eBook formats. Please head over to Dreamspinner Press and check it out (maybe even buy a copy?). An excerpt is available on the site but here is a little more.

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This book was a total labour of love and these characters inhabited my thoughts for over two years - I actually miss them now.

Oh, and March is a great time to buy something from Dreamspinner as they have a great competition going. Spend $10 and you go into a draw for a BeBook!